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The Hospital da Misericórdia de Évora, owned by the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Évora, is managed in partnership with Espírito Santo Saúde. 

We have different medical and surgical appointments and complementary diagnostic equipment.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Physical Therapy) is one of our key specialties; we offer different services, because we have the necessary facilities and equipment, such as a therapeutic pool and a gym.

We are the only private healthcare unit in the Alentejo region with an operating room and hospitalization services.

Our clinical staff includes some of the best-known specialist doctor in the region and this hospital is their main and/or exclusive workplace; in this way, in promote a stronger dedication to our patients and their satisfaction. We are waiting to treat you to your full satisfaction.



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Hospital da Misericórdia de Évora
(Évora (São Mamede, Sé, São Pedro e Santo Antão))
Évora - ♔ Évora Hospital

Avenida Sanches Miranda 30
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( Évora (São Mamede, Sé, São Pedro e Santo Antão) )
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